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Vintage Diva… born from breathing and loving vintage dresses for years and secretly from within the heart of a very young girl with big dreams. A dream that is coming true and filling in the gap in my heart and our TopVintage collection.

I love feminine silhouettes and I like to add some drama to it so you can sparkle! The way I see it is that every woman is unique and beautiful and you just have to find the perfect dress to emphasize it ;-).

Inspired by all those beautiful women from past decades I proudly present to you our Vintage Diva collection. A Diva is in my opinion a precious woman who knows exactly what she wants and what she is worth; I believe we are all created in Gods image and He loves us.

So bloom where you are planted


Owner TopVintage Boutique
& designer Vintage Diva

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Wiebachstraat 9
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The Netherlands

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Vintage Diva
Wiebachstraat 9
6466 NG Kerkrade
The Netherlands

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