Vintage Diva (Chamber of Commerce nr. 66515874) is incorporated and registered in The Netherlands, with an office at Koelweg 37, 6473 TG Landgraaf. These Terms & Conditions apply to all sales of Vintage Diva via the wholesale webshop. Any deviant conditions only have effect if agreed in writing and signed by the GM of Vintage Diva. Vintage Diva can however change the Terms & Conditions from time to time to update them.

  • MOQ is 10 pcs and a minimum of 400 Eur.
  • Shipment of sales orders will be executed only after acceptance in writing by the buyer of the Vintage Diva Sales Order Confirmation (SOC).
  • SOC’s are binding upon acceptance in writing by the buyer.
  • Wholesale prices are excluding VAT, are under DDP conditions for deliveries in the EU. Incoterms 2015. Excluding overseas territories which increase the transport costs immensely. An example would be New Caledonia.
  • Wholesale prices are excluding VAT, are under DAP conditions for deliveries belonging to the EFTA countries. Incoterms 2015.
  • We offer, under certain circumstances, EXW (Incoterms 2015)+ shipping cost conditions, via courier.
  • We accept returns under the following conditions: The item must contain a critical failure which disqualifies it according to generally accepted commercial standards. The complaint must be communicated to Vintage Diva within 14 days of receipt by the buyer. The goods are not worn. The goods are accompanied with the correct documentation for export and import procedures. Shipping costs and liability for returning goods are at the expense of the buyer. The goods will be replaced by Vintage Diva free of charge and shipping cost if the returned goods are accepted in accordance with all above stipulations. If the goods are not in stock a credit against future purchase(s) will be issued.
  • Vintage Diva only guarantees material integrity of products upon delivery. Vintage Diva does not however gives warranties, express or implied, as to the quality of the goods and all such warranties are excluded from the contract.
  • In case of emergencies such as terrorism, protests, fire, explosion, acts of God, etc. Vintage Diva reserves the right to defer the date of delivery, reduce the volume of the goods ordered by the buyer or to cancel the contract.
  • The Buyer expressly acknowledges that the Vintage Diva name and registered distinctive signs, its graphic composition and know-how relating to the supplied products are Vintage Diva intellectual property.
  • Adherence to RRP’s is vital to upholding the brand value. Buyers which apply a sales strategy that harm our brand value in this sense are not considered a desired type of customer.


Terms & Conditions for the use of Vintage Diva high & low-resolution images for 2018.

In opening and using images and storyboards supplied, you are agreeing to the Vintage Diva terms & conditions of use as stated below.

The images and intellectual property rights always remain the property of Vintage Diva.

  • In consideration for the payment of the images, this payment represents administration and distribution costs of the images only and does not constitute to the transfer of the intellectual property rights of the images.
  • The images cannot be altered in any way without the prior written permission of the GM of Vintage Diva. In the event a breach of our terms and conditions is committed, Vintage Diva accepts no legal responsibility and the responsibility for the infringement is passed automatically to the offending party.
  • The images can only be used up until one full year after first placing the images on the website. After this date, Vintage Diva accepts no further legal responsibility for copyright infringement, royalties or any other legal disputes, which may arise regarding the unauthorized usage of the images.
  • Vintage Diva reserves the right to withdraw your usage of some or all of the images provided at any time should terms and conditions infringements occur.
  • The images provided are for use by Vintage Diva Buyers only and may not be resold or redistributed to any third party without the prior written permission of the GM of Vintage Diva.
  • The images provided can only be used for the promotion and sales activity of business to business and business to consumer sales channels for plain & decorated apparel as detailed below: –
    LOW RES: (website, email, sales quotations,)
    HIGH RES: (posters, newsletters, brochures, mailers, general marketing literature, paper media).
  • The images provided cannot be used for posters, billboards or images larger than A4 size without the prior written permission of the GM of Vintage Diva.
  • Improper usage of the images e.g. low res images used when hi res should be used for such purposes as paper media, brochures, mailers etc will be deemed as an infringement of the terms and conditions and thus may result in the images being withdrawn.
  • Usage of these images is restricted to printed literature, websites and promotional emails only. Use for any form of advertising including signage, window graphics, billboards and vehicle wraps is not permitted.
  • In the event that any of the company’s terms of trade are broken, or there is clear evidence that Vintage Diva images are being used to promote sales and purchases that are subsequently directed to a competitor, Vintage Diva reserve the right to demand the withdrawal of the use of our images.